Huizhou, auspicious metal products co., LTD. < / strong > was founded in 2005, covers an area of about 2000 square meters, is located in huizhou, guangdong province ZhongKai high-tech development zone, is specialized is engaged in the tapping machine, mould tapping machines, metal continuous mould tapping machines, hardware and tapping machine of progressive die, flush with development, design, manufacturing, and processing is a body comprehensive enterprise. Is the industry a existing mold can be upgraded to realize mould tapping, namely realizing mould tapping process, and help the guests to save the cost to open mould. Company has an excellent tapping machine, mould tapping machine, continuous mould tapping machines, metal hardware and tapping machine of progressive die, even with attack, mold design and production team, learn from Japan and Europe and the United States developed countries advanced technology and design philosophy, relying on excellent mould processing, stamping equipment and advanced testing equipment, strict quality control process, for the general customers the high quality mould and products, obtained the new and old customers one to praise. The company mainly designs and manufactures each tapping machine, die tapping machine, hardware continuous die tapping machine, hardware progressive die tapping machine, continuous punch with tapping, precision continuous die
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